Here is some eye candy. It’s fun to think of these while standing in the house now (with 10 tradesmen working hard all around).  You’ll see a number of light coves–we’re using T5 fluorescent strip lights, which are extremely efficient; plus the indirect uplight effect is very nice.  The stairs, paneling, cabinetry, and stained trim is birch. The light fixtures in the dining and kitchen are going to change–we put in simple George Nelson fixtures for a start, but will likely do something more decorative over the dining table.

Living room looking east to dining and stair, kitchen at left
From dining looking northwest toward kitchen
The stair!

Master bath

The bath sconces are George Kovacs fixtures, clean and inexpensive ( We wound up changing the light over the tub to a 4″ recessed (for code/moisture reasons) but generally are avoiding recessed lights to leave room for ventilation ducts and avoid the more expensive 4″ cans.  We have about 6″ between the finish ceiling and the plywood airtight layer, so conventional cans are not an option.

I promise, the window post will be next!