Here’s an update for the Oak Park home in construction–it’s been a busy time with roofing, insulation, overhangs, exterior insulation, weather barrier, and windows. First thing after the air barrier (Prosoco, the pink stuff painted on the outside of the plywood) was to frame the overhangs, so they could get a roof on.

west (front) facade
6×6 cedar brackets

Then the polyisocyanurate exterior insulation went up:

working to the corner; there are two layers of polyiso and it’s important to stagger the seams


wrapped up tight–polyiso flushes out with window bucks

The roof went on, and the polyiso was wrapped with a Delta weather resistive barrier:

roof is on, wrapped up in stylish black WRB with Prosoco-red trim, and we have a front slab
street facade–someday that plywood will be a real front door

The light and space at the stair is nice to be in:

interior of south facade above stair with Garrett and Rudy from the office
from stair to front bedroom–light!

And no Passive blog would be complete without some photos of the windows going in. These are Zola Thermo uPVC, an incredible value for Passive House performance. They’re tilt-tun (open in) windows with jamb clips for fixing:

sill prepared for install–note how air barrier membrane runs to the interior of window plane
jamb clips screwed to framing; next a backer rod and sealant will make the openings airtight

That’s it for this install–next will show rough mechanicals.