Framing is great fun to watch–it goes up fast, and in a few weeks you go from having drawings to being able to walk through real enclosure of space. It’s like the week after Halloween to an architect: lots of eye candy! Evolutionary Home Builders has been doing their usual stellar job, and I’m going to show the timeline over the last three weeks..
First walls up, October 5. Note foundation vapor barrier to be sealed to sheathing later. Also note the advanced framing–single top plate, two stud corners…
…and insulated headers.
First sheathing, second floor deck, Oct. 16
Oct. 23: the form is visible!
Interior vistas taking shape as well.
Sheathing on, plywood window bucks going in, Oct. 28
The sunny side of the house–bedrooms and stairwell.
Sure I’m biased, but I do love the proportion of this…it’s the really high quality dark chocolate of eye candy to me…
Since the sheathing is our air barrier, it gets coated with fluid-applied membrane (Prosoco), all the way over the window bucks. Oct. 29

Join us on Dec 4, 2014, at 3PM for a tour of this “right-sized” home. This free tour will demonstrate framing, air barrier system, and partial rough mechanicals, all components of the passive house design. Jason LaFleur of Eco Achievers will be joining us as well as Brandon Weiss from Evolutionary Home Builders. Register here for this free tour.

Next update will include the overhangs which they’re framing now, and most likely the insulation which is going on over the air barrier. Preserving a thermal-bridge-free envelope at overhangs and porch attachments is one of the big challenges when detailing the exterior, and I’ll go into some detail on that next post as well.